Awash in Feedback (Demo) - 12/01/2010

Stone Machine Electric - 01/11/2013

2013.02.07 (Live) - 11/17/2013

Garage Tape - 12/09/2014

The Amazing Terror (EP) - 11/24/2015

Sollicitus Es Veritatem - 05/17/2016

Vivere (Live/Off The Record Label) - 01/27/2017

Darkness Dimensions Disillusion (Sludgelord Records) - 04/26/2019

Stone Machine Electric is a Texas-based duo best known for their weird approach in crafting a darkened and spacious vision of psychadelic jamming. Doom Jazz, it is Doom Jazz!

The band started in the summer of 2009 with founding members Mark Kitchens and William (Dub) Irvin. Once the guitars were tuned and the drums set up, their journey started.

Since starting, the band has self-released "Awash in Feedback" (live demo), their self-titled album, "The Amazing Terror" EP, Sollicitus Es Veritatem, and had their latest live album "Vivere" released on Off The Record label based in the Netherlands.

Stone Machine Electric has toured the southwest area of the states, as well as sharing the stage with national acts such as Mothership, The Atomic Bitchwax, Wo Fat, Jucifer, L.A. Witch, From Beyond, The Midnight Ghost Train,  and Amplified Heat. They have appeared on Texas heavy/psych fests End Hip End It, Fuzzed Out Fest, and Heavy Mash.

Locally, the band has garnered attention from the Fort Worth Weekly. These include reviews and write ups on the band, as well as being nominated for an award every year since 2011.

"You can practically see Conan praying to Crom right before a battle" 
- Hearsay, Fort Worth Weekly

Stone Machine Electric DoomFrom Thick Air | New Local Music

Outside of the Metroplex, Stone Machine Electric has maintained a consistent online presence with blogs covering this HEAVY genre. 

"it’s precisely the kind of weirdo charm in which Stone Machine Electric specialize, and as one awaits further word of their next album, I’ll happily take whatever comes from these two deeply underrated psych jammers"
- JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

The Obelisk | Sludgelord | Outlaws of the Sun | Ripple

Stone Machine Electric goes good with bands like Sleep, Earthless, Elder, and Wo Fat!

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